Care Fee Planning and Long Term Care

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Care fees and long term care is never on most people’s minds. Unfortunately, it should. With the average living age ever-increasing, it also means the amount of medical issues are too. If you are planning for your future and don’t want any unwanted diversions to affect your finances, you need to consider the Care Fee Planning and Long Term Care as it could really impact your current finances and also the monetary sum you leave to your loved ones.

What is Care Fee Planning & Long Term Care?

The average life expectancy of a girl born in 2010 is the ripe old age of 82, with the life expectancy of a boy being 78. While many are aware of these figures and their constant upwards rise on the chart, what many don’t factor in are the eroding pension pots and the ever growing retirement dates.

When we do reach the old age, a lot of us will unfortunately succumb to illness and natural, age related problems. This is where we may need care. The question is, with the dwindling pension pot and sometimes limited liquid cash available, how and who is going to pay for it?

This is where we need forward thinking and early planning to combat the rising costs and ease the financial impact it can bring.

There are many ways to do this if no early planning has been met, one of the increasing popular forms of freeing up liquid cash is EQUITY RELEASE, which we can help you with.

Care Fee Planning and Long Term Care

Long term care can take many forms and can range from helping the elderly cook and clean to full-time expert care.

In can happen in various settings such as: Your Home, NHS, Residential Care Home or Nursing Care Homes to name a few.

The cost of these can spiral (and fast) which can ultimately affect the inheritance you have planned to leave or even cost you your home. By having an effective and practical financial Care Fee Plan in place, it can help you avoid difficult financial decisions which may lie later on down life’s path.

The main reason Care Fee Planning can be advantageous is the anxiety, confusion and distress it removes from an already financially unbearable situation in later life.

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