General Insurance

Insurance is seen by many as an inconvenience, but by those who have had a major incident, a life-saver. Insurance is designed to help you pick up the pieces after an accident, event, damage or loss has occurred.

What is General Insurance?

Insurance is the act of protecting our assets or something we have a insurable interest in against anything that may happen to it. It offers compensation in the event of loss, damage, illness or death.

For most of us, the most expensive thing we’ll ever buy is our home. The most worrying thing is that 5 million homes in the UK don’t have any form of insurance. That is almost 1 in 5 homes that are uninsured! So for those 5 million homes, if their property was to fall victim to one the most common of home insurance claims, a total fire damage claim, then the homeowner will be out of pocket and unable to re-build the home and will still need to pay the bank back the monthly mortgage.

Home insurance can also consist of Content Insurance. On average, people usually have £35,000 worth of contents in their home. Again, if the worst was to happen, they could lose everything in their homes. The average cost of contents insurance is £138 annually, which is only £3 a week!

The average cost of a buildings and contents policy combined is £309 annually, less than £6 a week!

There are many other insurances: LIFE INSURANCE, public liability insurance, buildings insurance, contents insurance, combined-buildings and contents insurance, car insurance and much more. We have a partnership with a brokerage who specialise in personal and commercial insurance. Please get in touch using the quote links below.

Some of the general insurances we can cover:

Home Cover


• Buildings insurance
• Contents Insurance
• Let Properties
• Land insurance

Personal Property


•  Specialist Cover
• Caravan Insurance
• Boat Insurance
• Title insurance

General Cover


• Public Liability
• Accident Sickness & Unemployment
• Pet Insurance
• Travel Insurance

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