Investment Planning

High Income and Minimal Risk – Is this possible?

Many of our clients are looking for income from their invested capital while not wishing to place it at undue risk. Bank and Building Society investments do not currently provide sufficient interest rates to produce meaningful levels of income. So how do you get a decent income from your money with acceptable risk? We can show you how, with ‘living’ examples of current portfolios.

What is Investment Planning?

Investment Planning is the complex operation of matching your financial goals and objectives with your current financial assets. Creating the right Investment Plan to suit you and implementing the right strategy is imperative in helping you accomplish your financial targets.

Investment Planning can unequivocally compliment and contribute to financial planning.

Most importantly it is imperative that whatever plans are put in place, that they continue to match your appetite for the associates risks.

Investment Planning

Our dedicated Investment Planning experts sit with you to discuss and ascertain your needs. Here at Molyneux Associates, Torquay, we then establish a clear strategy and match the most suitable investment mixtures to your personal and bespoke needs in the most productive, efficient and profitable way.

Investment Planning is not always straight forward and, as with life, there can be many circumstantial changes. For one reason or another, you may need a lump sum to be withdrawn or you may come into a financial windfall and would prefer to invest more into your Investment Plan. With the infrastructure of your strategy already in place, our experts are constantly on hand to make the necessary changes to your Investments.

As Independent Financial Advisers we have the ability to choose from across the marketplace for the right combination of products for your needs.

Growth above inflation?

For short term and emergency funds that may be required quickly, you will need to accept low returns. For those investing for longer term growth it is a case of providing effective fund management with sensible fees in order to make the most of your capital and make it grow as much as possible. It is especially important not only to keep pace with inflation, but to achieve returns in excess.  We can also offer Ethical Investment portfolios.

The Longer term

Recommending and putting into effect an investment solution is just the start of the journey. We constantly review and update our client portfolios to take into account your changing personal circumstances, changes in legislation and product innovation.

Regular reviews are essential in any long term strategy.  This includes forward thinking, constant market planning and complete understanding of the market you are investing in. This is why many people recommend Independent Financial Advice, as we are here to help guide you through the potential investments on offer.

We receive many referrals from our existing clients, who appreciate the personal and professional continuing service that we provide.

The range of investments that we offer advice on includes –

Investment Bonds

Unit Trusts


Tax Efficient Funds

Structured Products

Investment Trusts

Capital Protection

Child Trust Funds

Trust Planning

IHT Planning


• Investment Bonds
• Investment Trusts
• Unit Trusts
• Capital Protected Investments

Tax Efficient Investing

• NISA’s
• Tax efficient Bonds
• Easy Access Bonds
• IHT Planning

Corporate Investing

• Corporate Deposits
• Tax Efficiency
• Future Proofing
• Easy Access capital

Our Advisers

Our fully qualified and independent financial advisers will assess your needs and advise on the most appropriate product for your needs.

Covering Plymouth, Cornwall, Devon and the South Coast of the UK, we’ll have an adviser that can visit you locally in your home or business to assess your needs.

We are here to offer you financial advice in Torquay, but we also have other offices to help you with financial advice in Devon, Plymouth, Cornwall, South West, Bristol and London.

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