Over 55 and looking to get the best out of your pension pot?

There have been major changes to the ways in which you can access your pension savings and provide a retirement income for you and your family. You now have more choice than ever before, however deciding which options are best for you can be daunting. The decisions you need to make at the time of taking your pension benefits can have long reaching consequences for both you and your family and it is most important to get this once in a lifetime decision right!

That is where we at Molyneux Associates Torquay can help.

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We are Independent Financial Advisers who can give you impartial, experienced advice on making the most of your pension pot. This includes the options of a Pension commencement lump sum, and the use of annuities or drawing income from  your pot to provide you with your income in retirement. These decisions will rely heavily on your personal circumstances and some options are not suitable for everyone.

  • Do you want a guaranteed income for life?
  • Do you want a flexible income stream?
  • Do you want to provide an income for a spouse?
  • Do you want to leave your pension pot to others on your death?

If you wish to draw income from your pot which continues to be invested it requires active fund management in line with your circumstances and attitude to risk to ensure you can withdraw a financially stable annual amount, whilst also getting reasonable returns on your active pension pot.

We can help you assess what arrangements will work best for you, maximise your plans in the run up to retirement and especially beyond. Getting your plans on track before retirement and choosing the right options at retirement may have a substantial affect not only on yourself, but your spouse and potentially the whole family. Talk to us now!

Not ready to retire or take benefits?

So where is your pension invested? Not many people take an interest in where their pension is invested, however the difference between a good and bad performing pension fund can make a huge difference to the amount you eventually have in your pot to retire on. Reducing pension plan charges is also very important.

We can analyse your existing arrangements and make recommendations to seek better returns and maximise your plans.

It is never too late to make pension arrangements! Pensions offer one of the few remaining tax efficient ways of saving, especially if you run your own business.

The range of Pension products that we offer advice on includes –



Flexible Drawdown

Stakeholder Pensions

Personal Pension Plans

Directors Pensions

Trustee Investment

Auto Enrolment

Our Advisers

Our fully qualified and independent financial advisers will assess your needs and advise on the most appropriate product for your needs.

Covering Plymouth, Cornwall, Devon and the South Coast of the UK, we’ll have an adviser that can visit you locally in your home or business to assess your needs.

We are here to offer you financial advice in Torquay, but we also have other offices to help you with financial advice in Devon, Plymouth, Cornwall, South West, Bristol and London.

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